“Jessalyn really worked well with my husband so that he was able to provide great support with confidence during my labor… they made a great team in supporting me. That said, what Jessalyn was able to uniquely do was say the right thing at the right time. She gave me strength with her words, particularly during labor but also during prenatal visits. She really opened my mind to the beauty and strength of birth, as well as normalizing it … Initially I imagined a doula to be an older woman and someone who had children of her own. Jessalyn is neither, but it didn’t matter! She has great wisdom and passion for caring for mothers and families. She makes herself available to her clients and provides such caring support and kind, thoughtful words. Her holistic approach tailors to the client’s interests and she knows how to advocate respectfully for her clients.”

SC, San Francisco, Birthing in 2019

We were surprised at the comprehensiveness of Jessalyn’s educational materials and at her patience in moving through those materials with us, answering questions and calibrating herself with us along the way … Doula services helped us address some underlying fear we both had about birth and turn the corner into that space of confidence and even enthusiasm about birth as a transformative opportunity. We loved that she brought unwavering confidence in me as a birthing mama and in us as a birthing couple, as well as in the natural birth process. Having her with us in the months leading up to labor, helping us hone a realistic birth plan, and arriving to the hospital with a steady hand to support us … was amazingly helpful. Jessalyn’s ability to listen, share knowledge, and communicate with us as well as with outside parties (e.g. hospital staff) makes her an incredible birth companion.

Laura, San Francisco, Birthing in 2019

There are so many reasons I would recommend Jessalyn as a doula. I think the main one would be that she was one of my main supporters during the whole birthing process. She was just there for me and my family, showing them the ways to help with the contractions, such as using the rebozo, as well as helping me get into various positions that would help me be in less pain. She was also so positive and reassuring throughout the whole process, I really needed that – especially when the hospital staff were prodding me and trying to get me to do things I didn’t want to do. Jessalyn was so instrumental in keeping me on the right path both physically and mentally. I couldn’t have asked for a better doula!

Brenda, Oakland, Birthing in 2017

Jessalyn immediately felt like a natural and fully integrated part of our ‘team’ – even though we had never met her before, since she was our original doula’s backup! I felt really comfortable with her right away. Jessalyn is knowledgeable, skilled, and was seemingly tireless while supporting us for more than 24 hours! … caring and calm. She helped immensely in so many ways: suggesting positions and actions; cooking soup for me and encouraging me to eat; consulting and providing additional information and perspective on various interventions that hospital staff suggested to move labor along; providing emotional support; and more…

Mollie, Oakland, Birthing in 2018

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